Sunday, November 14, 2010


Let me start by saying I am a U. S. Army Disabled Veteran married with 5 kids. I stay home and take care of my 2 youngest Alayna and Daniel and that is no small task. On Feb 14th 2009 I fell and injured my lower back and due to other medical issues I will not recover enough to return back to work or lead a normal life. I believe I was given a 2nd chance to not make the mistakes I made with my oldest son Mike and oldest daughter Rachael by being at there side when they need me the most not by being thousands of miles away in a foreign country. I am very proud to have served in the military but the pride doesn't compare to the lost time we all had to endure for it. Even with issue of my disability I am thankful to be able to be home for them. As time passes I will continue to tell you about my life both past and present. Thanks

Lets try it again

Let me first say hello! I stopped posting in my blog soon after starting it and know I think it's time to use it as for what it is. I hope that I get as many people to check it out and I hope you all find it interesting. I intend to letg people know who I am and what I stand for.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

200 Days in office

Well it's been 200 days now and what do you think pass or fail. President Obama know 200 day into office seems to spend of money or has not add enough jobs, but he has help to save the us auto industry and has has show he is as human as you and I. Lets hear what you have to say.

Monday, August 3, 2009

From baby to big girl!

I have a beautiful Two and a half year old daughter. I am trying to transition from a baby to a big girl. My problem is potty training. Is she ready? Or maybe am I ready for her to become a big girl. It seems like we have been in potty training mode forever and ever. Making things even more difficult and putting more pressure on the situation is having another baby on the way.
I have tried many different methods to what I call this potty training. Family and friends have given many ideas, good and bad of course. My latest is the potty chart. I have organized a chart. For example if she asks to use the bathroom, if she actually goes to the bathroom or if she goes on her own she is rewarded. Her rewards include sticker, candy, and lots of positive reinforcement. She of course loves all the rewards but I m not sure if she get the whole picture yet. I don’t think honestly she is a hundred percent ready to be a big girl yet.
Another idea I learned about was using visuals. Examples videos, books and even they make potty training dolls. I started out kind of slow. One of the videos my daughter has been watching is about boys and girls discovering the potty. They learn all aspects of the bathroom from the potty chair to washing are hands when we are all done. This method has given me some hope. She gets excited on using the potty and especially playing in the water. I have learned if you aren’t consistent day to day it’s like starting all over again. This gets very discouraging. I have realized that my daughter would also rather use the big potty then her little one. That’s why I went out and purchased her a little step stool of her own.
To me time is of the essence. She is almost three and I thought most three years olds were potty trained but I have learned otherwise. I have heard from many of my friends there children were not potty trained until they were three or older. They gave me another idea. Just throwing out the diapers and going strait to regular underwear. Just letting her learn about accidents, and what happens when the diapers are all gone. That it’s messy and my friends say within a few days there children started potty training themselves and the diapers were long gone.
I know that potty training has been one of my biggest challenges yet. In trying to get ready for the new baby maybe it’s been just too much pressure on her and me. We are much closer than we were in the beginning. She seems to be coming more aware and if she’s not ready yet than we will just wait it out. My biggest thing is as long as she’s ready than that’s what will make me happy. Also if you have children its bad enough to have one in diapers as expensive it will be to have two in diapers. So I guess we will see if my little girl will be a big girl before she becomes a big sister.

Written By
Kimberly Laten in 2007

Friday, July 31, 2009

Who's Your Hero?

It's almost time for those very special people to begin a journey together with several thousand people, one that will make the difference not only in those afflicted with this horrible decease but in the lives of those that contribute there time and help. (Dates and locations posted on web page) In Sept 2008, I walked all 60 miles to help in this battle not for me, not for my neighbor but for my wife, my kids, and most of all for the memory of 2 people I loved and miss very much. In late 1996 I lost my mother to cancer which really hit hard due to our close relationship, then 2 months later that same year I received a call from by brother n law saying that my sister who lived in Alabama had just passed away from Breast Cancer. I have lost members of my family including a brother and sister together in an auto accident but I could do nothing about that so know I have set a part of my life aside in the fight to rid the books of such deceases like this. So please log onto the link and find someone you know and help make sure your family does not have to endure my pain. Guys don't think you can't get breast cancer you can and the numbers getting larger. Thanks

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Dividends

Well at Midnight tonight this program will end not due to anything but politics dealers afraid they won't get the payment from the government because it will run out. Well I don't understand something about this whole thing the government will pay up to the $4500.00 to each qualifying purchase. Also on November 31st the government will stop paying the $8000.00 credit for new home buyers so on and so on. So tell me we pay for all that, we own part of GM where is our dividends, What do the rest of us get?

Give and Take

It's funny how the government works, just when a turn for the good starts to happen because of a program they set up and works and the people start saving "BOOM" something or other happens and it's not able to be done anymore and know only the people that were able to survive the hardest times again prosper and the people who couldn't get that extra little push are know pushed back to start over. I guess it's the way of the world to only allow the most beatin to keep getting beatings. When will it stop, when will things change or will they.