Friday, July 31, 2009

Who's Your Hero?

It's almost time for those very special people to begin a journey together with several thousand people, one that will make the difference not only in those afflicted with this horrible decease but in the lives of those that contribute there time and help. (Dates and locations posted on web page) In Sept 2008, I walked all 60 miles to help in this battle not for me, not for my neighbor but for my wife, my kids, and most of all for the memory of 2 people I loved and miss very much. In late 1996 I lost my mother to cancer which really hit hard due to our close relationship, then 2 months later that same year I received a call from by brother n law saying that my sister who lived in Alabama had just passed away from Breast Cancer. I have lost members of my family including a brother and sister together in an auto accident but I could do nothing about that so know I have set a part of my life aside in the fight to rid the books of such deceases like this. So please log onto the link and find someone you know and help make sure your family does not have to endure my pain. Guys don't think you can't get breast cancer you can and the numbers getting larger. Thanks